At Reding Inc., we’re not only concerned about your comfort at home or work, but your experiences outside our circle of air conditioning & heating services. The areas around Glenwood, Boston NY, East Concord, Chaffee NY, Collins NY, and Colden NY, where we provide our services, are simply brimming with exciting things to do. Here’s your guide to exploring the region and finding your next adventure.

Take an Invigorating Stroll in Glenwood

Known for its verdant scenery and picturesque views, Glenwood is the perfect place to reconnect with nature. The Glenwood Park is a great spot to soak up the natural beauty, have a picnic, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along its winding walking paths. While you’re immersing yourself in the serenity of Glenwood, our team will ensure that your home remains the perfect sanctuary with top-notch air conditioning installation and maintenance.

Discover History in Boston, NY

Boston, NY abounds with historical landmarks and sites. You can step back in time at the Boston Historical Society Museum, a rich source of information about the region’s past. Our company has an intertwined history with Boston, NY as our proficient team has provided countless heaters installations and heating services in this town, helping citizens to combat the cold weather.

Chaffee, NY – A Haven for Sports Enthusiasts

Chaffee, NY is known for its outdoor sporting activities. From biking to hiking trails, there is something for every fitness enthusiast. Here at Reding Inc., we make sure that after a day filled with outdoor exploits, you come back to a warm and cozy house by delivering efficient heating installation services.

Art and Culture in East Concord, NY

Art lovers will find East Concord, NY to be a haven for art and culture. You can visit the various art galleries and cultural centers in town. Meanwhile, we keep the heart of your home beating all year round, whether that means installing a new air conditioning system or providing top-quality heater maintenance services.

Colden, NY’s Winter Wonderland

Colden, NY is famous for its enchanting winters and superb ski locations. Just make sure that your home keeps you warm after a snowy day. That’s where our heating service comes in. We also keep your systems running smoothly with our comprehensive range of heating and cooling services.

At Reding Inc., we care about your comfort, health, and enjoyment. Experience the best of these locations while we ensure your home’s air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems are running perfectly.