At Omega Pools, we understand potential client’s reservations when it comes to installing a new swimming pool. As for every substantial project, myths and misconceptions are bound to arise. Today, we aim to debunk these myths and set the record straight about pool installations for Summer 2023. We want our clients to make well-informed decisions about their dream swimming haven.

Myth 1: Pool Installation Takes Forever

Many clients misconstrue the pool installation timeline. They often believe it will take months or even years to see their Sparkling oasis come to fruition. This is not the case, especially with meticulous planning and organization. At Omega Pools, we are committed to completing installation from design conception to the first splash in a matter of weeks!

Myth 2: Swimming Pools Are High Maintenance

The myth that swimming pools require excessive upkeep is interestingly ingrained in many people’s minds. Yes, pools do need care, but it is not as insurmountable as it seems. Today, innovative technologies have simplified pool maintenance. Using automated cleaning systems and digital chemical balancers, taking care of your pool is now a breeze.

Myth 3: Pool Installation Is Only for The Wealthy

The perception that pool installation is a luxury only for the affluent is widely spread. However, at Omega Pools, we have diverse options catering to various budgets, ensuring that the joy of having a private oasis isn’t exclusive to any economic class. We believe that everyone deserves the delight of a refreshing swim in the privacy of their backyard, and our pricing options here prove the same.

In conclusion, as Omega Pools embarks on accepting new clients for Summer 2023 installation, our fundamental aim is to provide accurate information to our potential and existing customers. Our team is ready to create your dream oasis, debunk any myths along the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process. Don’t let misconceptions deter you; dive in with confidence!