If you’ve ever tried to warm your toes by a refrigerator, you were probably left feeling down-at-the-heels. Welcome to the world of Sigma-Tremblay, where we’re turning the heating world on its head (and warming your toes while we’re at it)!

We specialize in Heating Installation, Furnace Repair, and Heating Service. And no, we don’t just mean we’ll tell your furnace to ‘buck up and stop acting so cool’ with a stern pep-talk. We mean we’ll have it feeling hot-to-trot in no time.

Furnace Installation isn’t a mad science. It’s an art and we are the Michelangelo of this art, just without the painting on ceiling part. But, we’re pretty good at reaching those high, tricky spots too!

We spread the toastiness in Poughkeepsie, NY, Newburgh, NY, Red Oaks Mill, NY, Wappingers Falls, NY, Hyde Park, NY & Myers Corner, NY. So before you opt for penguin-style survival methods this winter, give Sigma-Tremblay a ring. We promise we’ll add some sizzle to your frosty winter days with our Furnace Service.