If you live in a place as sunny and toasty as The Villages, FL, turn up the relief with Sunshine Air Conditioning. We are experts at cooling down the heat waves and warming up those chilly winter nights. Oh, and did we mention we’re experts in jokes about air conditioning too?

AC Repair: The “Chill” Doctor You Need

Let’s face it though, when your AC unit decides to take a break in the heat of summer, the situation is about as funny as a sunburn gone wrong. Luckily, the experts at Sunshine Air Conditioning are trained like AC repair superheroes, swooping in to bring the cool breeze back to life.

Heating Repair: Your Comfort is Our Priority

When the furnace decides to turn your warm cozy home into a winter wonderland, call Sunshine’s Heating Repair. We’re good at fixing the furnace and melting away your home-freezing fears.

Sunshine Air Conditioning-dedicated to keeping Marion Oaks, FL, and surrounding areas smiling and chilled. So, next time your AC or furnace pulls a fast one on you, remember Sunshine has got your back, and your jokes too!