How to Install Bathroom Vanities

With a new vanity, you can transform any bathroom into a luxurious oasis perfect for those busy mornings or relaxing nights. You can turn your vintage-looking bathroom into a modern bathroom or add a little bit of personality to your plain bathroom with a new bathroom vanity. 

With our step-by-step guide on how to install bathroom vanity, you’ll be able to upgrade your bathroom and keep your budget in check.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

A dark colored bathroom vanity with two basins and a large mirror

Choosing the right bathroom vanity to suit all your needs can be a challenging task, but not to worry! There are many different types of bathroom vanities, so you’ll be sure to find one that works perfectly with your bathroom needs. There are six main types of bathroom vanities:

Pedestal Vanity

If you’ve got a small bathroom and don’t need a lot of counter space then the pedestal-style vanity is the perfect fit for you. This is especially important in bathrooms where every square inch counts. Single sink pedestal vanities have a sleek and simple look that can make a small bathroom feel more open and spacious.

Free-Standing Vanity

With a free-standing vanity, turn your bathroom into a modern-looking, minimalist bathroom that can support a single sink or a double sink. 

Floating Vanity

Opt for a contemporary look with a floating, single-sink vanity that gives your bathroom a more open and airy feel, while being easier to clean than a traditional vanity.

Vessel Vanity

The vessel vanity is ideal for when you need storage space in a tiny bathroom while maximizing your counter space. And if your tiny bathroom has no space for a stunning centerpiece, not to worry because your intricate vessel can do the job. 

Under Mounted Sink Vanity

Your under mounted integrated sink vanity is designed to help you save space in your bathroom while aiding in keeping your countertop clean and free of clutter.

Cabinet Vanity

Designed for those who need lots of storage space, a vanity cabinet has lots of pull-out drawers and chic-looking hardware.

How To Install a Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom with a shower,  bath and a double sink vanity

A bathroom vanity is an essential, yet often overlooked, a component of any bathroom. Not only does it provide a place to store toiletries and towels, but it can also help to define the overall style of the space. With a new sink, new faucet, and base cabinet, a new vanity can give your entire bathroom a fresh, new look. 

Step 1: Brainstorming And Planning

Before you start your bathroom vanity installation, it’s important to identify what your bathroom vanity needs are. Are you someone that requires a lot of counter space? Maybe try considering a cabinet vanity for your bathroom. 

Next, start measuring your space to see what types of vanities and fixtures will work in your bathroom. Determine if you will have space to place products on your vanity top or if you will need to hang mirrors and shelves on the wall to make the best use of your space. 

Step 2: Disconnecting Plumbing

Once you have chosen your new vanity and are ready to install it, it’s time to disconnect the plumbing. Start by turning off the water valves and disconnecting any water supply going to the sink of your existing vanity. Place a bucket of towels for any water that might be in the pipe and remove the drain trap. 

Step 3: Remove Existing Vanity

Before adding the new vanity, it’s crucial that you remove the existing vanity and sink. With the help of a utility knife, cut around the edges of the vanity. This will make pulling the vanity apart from the wall much easier. Remove the existing vanity and repair or repaint the back wall as needed.

Step 4: Get Ready For The New Vanity

To prepare for your new vanity, make sure you mark the position of your vanity on your wall and use a stud finder to locate all the wall studs outlining the location of your new vanity. 

Step 5: Install New Vanity

It’s time for the most awaited part of your vanity installation. Simply slide your vanity in position, based on the marks you made in the previous step. Once your vanity is in place, it’s time to drill and screw everything in place. 

Step 6: Connect Plumbing 

This step brings us closer to the end of our new vanity installation. Since we disconnected the water supply, it’s time to reconnect it. Place a towel or bucket for any leaks, and attach the water valve line. Tighten the faucet connections and turn the water supply back on. 

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Add the finishing touches to your new bathroom vanity with a cute light or by cleaning all the dust off your mirror. Add a few flowers or spray your favorite air freshener to add the final touches to your vanity. Once you’ve completed this last step of installing your vanity, it’s time you explore other bathroom decorating ideas to fully turn your bathroom into your dream oasis.

The Perfect Vanity Does Exist

A long double sink bathroom vanity with white walls and a window

From updating the look of your bathroom to creating a more functional space, a quick bathroom vanity replacement can make a huge difference. With these easy-to-follow steps, you can go from having an average bathroom to a Pinterest-perfect one in just a few hours. 
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