Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC is a licensed air conditioner service that provides quality maintenance and repairs for your air conditioning needs. Keeping your air conditioner in good working order is essential for keeping your home or office cool and comfortable during the summer heat. With proper maintenance and care, your air conditioner will be able to perform properly and efficiently, saving you money on energy costs and reducing the need for expensive repairs. Here are some tips for proper AC maintenance:

1. Change Your Filters – This is an important step in keeping your AC running smoothly. A dirty air filter can clog the air flow of your unit, resulting in poor air quality and lack of cooling. It is recommended to change your filter every month or two, depending on the type of filter you have.

2. Inspect and Clean Coils – The coils in your AC are responsible for transferring heat from the room to the outdoors. If these coils become clogged with dust and debris, they can’t effectively transfer heat and the AC will become less efficient. Make sure to inspect and clean the coils regularly.

3. Keep it Clear – Make sure to keep the area around your AC unit clear of debris, leaves, and other objects. This can interfere with the air flow and reduce the efficiency of your AC.

4. Schedule Regular Maintenance – Even with regular maintenance and care, your AC unit may still have problems. To prevent any major issues, it is important to schedule regular maintenance with Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC. They can provide professional inspection and maintenance to ensure that your unit is running at its best.

These are just a few tips for proper AC maintenance. By following these steps, you can ensure that your AC runs efficiently and reliably. For any further questions or for scheduling an appointment with Phoenix Air Conditioning, LLC, visit their website here.