Passionate about providing a comprehensive range of HVAC services to our customers, J. A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning has its roots set deeply in the suburban Pittsburgh landscape. The communities in and around Cranberry Township, PA & Sewickley, PA are abuzz with the dedication and quality we bring to every project.

Our customers often find satisfaction in our AC Service. When we are out in Cranberry Township and Sewickley, we’re not just fixing air conditioners; we are contributing to the comfort of homes where folks raise families, invite friends, and create lifelong memories.

An air conditioning installation in Wexford, PA often leads us to discover fascinating histories and stories about this enchanting town. The buildings are beautiful and every AC replacement is an engaging challenge that strengthens our understanding of the different architectural styles present in the local area.

While Pittsburgh’s landscape is constantly evolving, one factor that remains consistent is the city’s need for reliable air conditioning and furnace maintenance. Notably tougher winters make heating system repair a crucial service in the Pittsburgh area. We are proud to render these services and in the process, get a close up look at the remarkable diversity of homes, industries, and businesses that make our Steel City so robust and resilient.

Being out and about doing work from Cranberry Township to Sewickley, to Wexford, and of course, Pittsburgh, continuously helps us realize that we do more than just provide heating & air conditioning services; we uphold the importance of comfort in each home and workplace we visit. And just as our service areas have their tales and histories, so does J. A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning. With each heating system repair or air conditioning installation, we write a new chapter in our story and look forward to the next one.