As temperatures fluctuate and our reliance on heating and cooling systems grow, so do the myths about these essential units. Part of our mission at All Climate Systems is to not only provide top-tier HVAC services but also to educate our clients on what’s fact and what’s fiction. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions concerning HVAC services in areas like Westminster, Broomfield, and Federal Heights, CO.

Myth 1: Air Conditioning Systems Can Bring Cold Quickly

One persistent myth is that turning your thermometer to its lowest will cool your home faster. Unfortunately, that’s not how central air conditioning works. Whether your thermostat is set at 68 or 72 degrees, your AC unit works at the same speed until the desired temperature is reached altogether.

Myth 2: Heating systems don’t need regular maintenance

Another misconception revolves around heating repair. Some people believe that their heaters don’t require regular maintenance unless they are broken. Regular servicing of your heating system in Broomfield, CO ensures that it is running at optimum capacity and can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Myth 3: New heaters are always more energy-efficient

The thought of replacing an older unit with a shiny new model make sense to most homeowners. The truth, however, is that upscale models are not always the more efficient ones. Furnace maintenance services in Federal Heights, CO recommend optimal maintenance and servicing of your existing furnace before considering a replacement.

By debunking the myths about our HVAC services, we at All Climate Systems hope to provide our clients with unadulterated facts, ensuring they have all the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. If you’re in need of trustworthy HVAC services in Colorado, don’t hesitate to contact us.