At some point, most homeowners face the decision to repair or replace their HVAC system. This crucial decision often unleashes a slew of myths and misconceptions, particularly around professional heating installation, HVAC service, and AC installation. In this post, we team up with Welzig Heating & Air to debunk these myths and provide facts to help you make informed decisions.

Myth 1: All HVAC systems are the same

The first common myth is that all HVAC systems are the same and thus, any heating and air conditioner expert can perform the installation. This is far from the truth. HVAC systems differ greatly based on design, energy efficiency, and size. A professional service like Welzig Heating & Air tailors its skill set to each system’s specifications, ensuring an installation process that guarantees optimal performance.

Myth 2: Professional Installation is not necessary

Another prevalent myth is that DIY is enough for AC installation or heating system installation – saving you the expense of professional services. On the contrary, professional installation is critical as it involves intricate processes such as electrical connections, refrigerant handling, and adherence to local codes and standards. These are tasks best left to certified and experienced professionals.

Myth 3: Frequent HVAC maintenance isn’t important

Some homeowners believe that if their AC or heating system is functioning fine, regular maintenance isn’t necessary. This belief could not be further from the truth. Routine professional HVAC service extends the life of your system, ensures energy efficiency, and helps detect potential issues before they become major problems. In fact, some manufacturers require routine maintenance for their warranty to remain valid.

We hope this post helps you distinguish heating and air installation facts from myths. Remember, professional heating installation, HVAC service, and AC installation are services best left to experts like Welzig Heating & Air.