When Florida’s summer heat hits, you might rather wrestle an alligator than deal with a faulty air conditioner. But with Colman Heating & Air, saving your home’s coolness becomes more comforting than a beach-side siesta!

Expert AC Service at the Speed of Lightning

You may not think about your air conditioner until it stops working. There you are – sitting comfortably on your porch in Mims, sipping a Margarita when BAM! – your AC service is needed. Panic floods in faster than the summer humidity. But worry not, we’re like a superhero, swooping in to rescue damsel-in-distress AC units in record time.

In Titusville and the Port Saint John area, we understand ACs like fantastic Florida flamingoes understand standing on one leg. It’s just in their – or rather, our – nature!

Superlative HVAC Service – Your AC’s Lifeguard

We’re healthcare professionals for your HVAC – probing, diagnosing and repairing to give it a bill of excellent health. Whether you’re in Mims or Titusville, giving your AC unit the attention it needs is as essential as sunscreen in Floridian summers.

So next time the bear of Air Conditioning and HVAC repair looms, remember – we at Colman’s got you cooled!