Bathroom Trends

Chances are your day starts and ends with your bathroom, which makes the bathroom one of the most important rooms in every house. As a haven for relaxation and self-care, it’s easy to clutter up and become bored with your bathroom. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the newest and most interesting bathroom design trends to help inspire your next renovation project.

Practical And Stylish Latest Bathroom Trends Worth Trying

Whether you’re looking for simple bathroom decor or have big plans to transform small bathrooms around your home, we’ve got you covered with some of this year’s hottest bathroom trends. 

Nature Inspired

One of the most luxurious bathroom trends of this year is the shift towards using natural materials and elements as functional bathroom decor. Natural stone designs provide a sense of luxury, and stone floors and walls are considered to be extremely durable and easy to maintain. From stone to wood to marble, the latest bathroom designs will provide a raw and luxurious feel to your bathroom.

The use of plants and adding greenery to an otherwise gloomy environment will enhance your bathroom experience. Create a relaxing natural feel by incorporating a few plants into your bathroom design. Not only will they look beautiful, but your plants will also help purify the air and improve your indoor air quality. With just a few additions to your bathroom, you can create spa-like sanctuaries in the comfort of your home bathroom. 

Bathroom with natural light, plants, white walls and black accents

Curtains For Natural Light

Curtains are a trendy way to create an intimate atmosphere or to make a small bathroom feel larger. They’re a popular addition to any bathroom because they help keep water from splashing on your floor and clothes. Express your personality and add a pop of color with a shower curtain that’s durable and easy to clean. Usually, shower curtains are made from PVC or other waterproof materials, making them ideal for use in damp environments. 

Bathroom with wood panels and wooden under sink storage unit

Colors Make A Difference

Bold, eye-catching colors in the bathroom can make a huge difference in shaping the entire look of your bathroom. From vibrant wallpaper to statement tiles, there are endless ways to add a splash of color to this space. Of course, not everyone is ready to go all out with their bathroom décor. If you’re looking for a more understated look, there are still plenty of bathroom colors that can give your space a fresh new feel. Soft pastels, neutral tones and even white and grey shades can be used to create a practical and stylish bathroom. Achieve the look of clean lines with lighter colors or design a more modern-looking bathroom with darker colors. No matter what your style or color preference, there’s sure to be a bathroom trend that meets your needs.

Ditch The Tub And Opt For A Shower

One of the latest bathroom trends is having a walk-in shower being the focal point of your entire bathroom. Unlike a traditional shower, walk-in showers do not have a door or curtain, making it easier to get in and out. Walk-in showers often feature multiple shower heads and jets, providing a more luxurious showering experience. 

Adding A Hint Of The Past In The Present

Of course, no bathroom would be complete without the light fixtures and fittings. But did you know the latest trends are inspired by the past? While sleek and minimalist designs are still popular, vintage-inspired pieces are all the rage. Copper or bronze taps and shower heads add a touch of elegance, while traditional style clawfoot baths are making a comeback. A mixture of smart technology and vintage-looking elements is just what homeowners want. From hands-free faucets to self-cleaning toilets, homeowners enjoy the convenience while wanting classic designs to help bring out their inner creativity. 

Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly looking for ways to make the most of their bathroom space. In the past, floor space was used by adding a large bathtub or vanity, but today homeowners opt for more efficient layouts that maximize storage and reduce clutter. One popular way to achieve maximum floor space is with floating shelves and cabinets. These shelves provide ample storage without taking up valuable floor space and easily become the main focal point of the entire room.

Bathroom walk- in shower

Take Your Bathroom’s Interior Design to New Levels

From taking inspiration from nature to mimicking the past, the latest bathroom trends are designed to provide a relaxing, carefree environment where you can get ready and unwind while keeping your convenience and taste in mind. To make sure you can relax and enjoy your bathroom to its fullest, check out our other posts on bathroom design and bathroom repairs, like how to transform small bathrooms into small luxury baths or how to fix a sink stopper

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