Picture this—you’re enjoying a peaceful day in beautiful Nelson, GA. Birds are chirping, the occasional car goes by, and then… the dreaded silence. Yep, your air conditioner just took a much unneeded vacation.

Don’t let the Georgia heat make you sweat, literally. We have the answer to your unexpected AC retreat: Cheshire Heating & Air! We’re here for not only your AC Repair needs in Nelson and Ball Ground, GA but also all the furnace replacements in Tate, GA.

So you’re up in Jasper or Ellijay, GA, and deciding to jump on the Central Air Installation train? Well, toot-toot, because we got you covered for that too! And the people of East Ellijay, take heart, your air conditioning systems and HVAC services are all sorted.

Taking the ‘air’ in heir to the next level, we’ve got multi-generational expertise in all things heating and air! We solve everything from the ‘too-hot to handle’ to the ‘I-can’t-feel-my-toes’ situations. So the next time your AC decides to play hide and seek without warning, remember to call us, your reliable neighborhood superheroes at Cheshire Heating & Air.